Restoration Time Is Here!

Spiritual RestorationAsk yourself what is it that God wants to restore in your life, marriage, home, business, Church and nation. Then simply believe it can and will happen based on the Word Of God.

Connecting restoration and Jesus coming back.

Acts 3:20 And He shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: 21. Which the heavens must receive until the restitution (restoration) of all things, which God hath spoken of by the mouths of all His holy prophets since the world began. It appears from Scripture that God wants to do some restoring before Christ comes back. God wants to bring His Church to a glorious state before our departure. The earth was legally won back over to God through Christ’s work on the cross. The whole earth will be filled with Gods glory before we are taken. Paul said Christ is coming back for a glorious Church.. Ephesians Chapter 5:27

spiritual-restoration2Somethings God Is Restoring:

Romans 8:19 God is restoring His sons and daughters to the fullness He has  always meant for them to walk in. Creation will stand amazed.

Micah 4:8  First dominion is being restored. What has been lost because of sin is now being restored because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Our first dominion given back as in the garden, as if sin never existed. A wealthy, healthy, and place of full authority restored.

Isaiah 30:26 Fullness of healing for the wound of my people has come. It will be like the sun shining 7 times brighter. Much greater than any healing campaign. The best and last days stuff. Get ready, Get Ready, Get Ready.

Ephesians 5:27 God is restoring His Church, all gifts, all finances, all offices. The day is here when all Gods Apostles and Prophets will be on the seen. Jesus is coming for a Glorious Church.

Joel 2:23-25 Years of satisfaction given back. God is restoring back lost years to those believing for it.

Colossians 1:27 Christ in us our hope of glory will no longer be a mystery. All nations will see the glory of the Lord on us and given to us.

Malachi 4: 5,6 The day is here for restoration of our fathers in the Church and family. This anointing is coming in the power and strength of the one true God. This will deal with this core breakdown in our fatherless society. It will come also with a big blessing to those who receive it.

Joel 3:18 A fountain of restoration for those who have failed God. Israel failed God in the Valley Of Shit-tim. Shit-tam is a messy place but not to messy for God to restore. If God can restore a person like myself I know He can restore anyone. He has restored my life after years of addiction and incarceration .

Psalm 107:27-32 God is restoring hope to many that have lost all hope. Where all hope is lost, Jesus is near and ready to move in new and unusual ways for those seeking him. And let us move with him to bring hope to a lost and dying world. It is time to find your place in the books of heaven that are being written even now of the righteous acts of the saints. “Read my stories of hope”

Joel 3: 11 God is restoring His mighty Warriors back into His Church. They will refuse to surrender any ground to the enemy. They are proclaiming that the kingdoms of this earth have now become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are going forth to conquer and subdue the enemy. They are crying you haven’t seen anything yet. Kingdom Authority is being revealed.

Isaiah 40:5 All flesh will see His glory and the restoration that is coming.

Hosea 6:2
 God is restoring us to His presence and all we need is in His manifested presence.

Hosea 2:15  Says God can give hope in the valley of trouble. If your in trouble today Jesus is ready to move. God can restore hope in your heart.

Spiritual RestorationDestiny Light Is Flowing!

Don’t leave until you have served Gods purpose for our generation. Get in alignment with the Lord and the right believers for your destiny to begin to come forth.

Acts 13:36 When David had served Gods purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep. (check out time)

“It is our time now”

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