Something Big Is Coming

Wow, Wow, Wow,

this is what most people are saying in light of all the flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest and especially the tornado that hit Joplin on May 22, 2011. Cindy and I were in Topeka KS when the tornado hit Joplin, taking in some Top Fuel Racing. On the way back from Topeka we decided to drive through Joplin. We also were saying Wow to what we were seeing, total devastation for 1 mile wide and 12 miles long. The loss of lives is up to 142 and many are still missing. This was the most powerful tornado to hit since 1953. We were also blessed to go hear Governor Jay Nixon and President Barack Obama @ Missouri State Southern University in Joplin Yesterday. They both had some good words about the rebuilding process of Joplin. It was wonderful to see all the volunteers from all over come together to help clean up Joplin. We personally met some wonderful volunteers from out-of-state. One guy came all the way from San Diego CA to help out.

In view of all this that has happened, I believe God is up to something big in this area. 4 Weeks before this storm hit the Lord said “Something Big is Coming”. Shortly after this word came to me I went through a big trial and I thought maybe this is what the Lord meant. Then the tornado in Joplin happened shortly after this. I prayed over this word and sensed that what I went through and what took place in Joplin wasn’t what the Lord meant when He said “Something Big Is Coming”

Let me read to you a prophecy spoken by Kim Clements in 2009.  

In August, 2009, God gave Kim a word that there would be a strange wind that would blow in the Midwest and that this would be a sign of a great eruption in the Spirit. He said that the Midwest would be known as the place where God rested His feet. This wind would also be a sign of sudden change, a transformation in the landscape. Kim believes God is about to breathe His Spirit upon that region and that the promises spoken will soon come to pass. In wake of the recent tragedies, along with these prophetic utterances about the Midwest, Kim felt led to place his feet upon that soil and deliver the Word of the Lord.

Kim Clement was in St Louis Friday and Saturday because he believes God is about to do something big in this area. In prayer, The Lord impressed upon my heart that He is about to do something in this area of the Midwest, that has never been seen before. It is a privilege to live in this special time. Yes, we are living in some serious times but we are those God has chosen to stand in the middle of it all and cry ‘Let The Whole Earth Be Filled With Your Glory” If satan comes suddenly to destroy, how much more does God want to do some suddenly, Glory Manifestations.

The Glory is coming to this area that is why the devil is trying to stop it. All of these things that have been happening are signs of the real winds and floods coming from heaven and the storms of God’s Glory getting ready to hit the Midwest and especially this area. We are storm survivors now believing for the real storm from heaven, Gods Glory.

I encourage you to keep believing that you will be right in the middle of what God is doing when he pours out His Glory. I encourage you to keep declaring the word of the Lord over your area, your house, your city, that we have authority over destructive weather patterns. The Lord gave me this word in 2008. The Lord has blessed us in this area and we haven’t seen any destructive ice storms for 3 years, when we were being bomb barded 2 years in a row, 2007 and 2008 with severe destruction. We have also seen the Lord remove a tornado out of our pathway this last December 31, 2010 while performing a ceremony in Rolla Mo. Don’t yield to the fear. Jesus warned that men and woman’s hearts would fail as they see all these things happen in the last days. Jesus said those that endure to the end will be saved. Make up your mind that you will stand in faith all the way to the end. God has made promises to us as last days saints and He will fulfill His words. Jesus spoke to the storms and His Spirit lives in us so we also can do His works upon this earth. In this life we are like him! Remember, it is Christ in us that is bigger than anything the devil can bring. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus has come to give us life and life more abundantly. Lets look for those opportunities to work with the Lord to bring life into these situations of death and destruction. It is time to rise up warriors to the opportunity to speak into the chaos, as Joshua spoke to the sun to be still while he finished defeating his enemies and it obeyed him. All things are possible with God and our faith plugged into the Glory realm makes all things possible to those that believe. (Us)

Prayer! Father open our eyes to see what heaven has in store for us. We have seen what the enemy is doing. Lord we are ready for the Glory. You said if we would believe in our hour of trial that we would see the glory of God manifested. Help us to be one with you in the Glory in these last days. In Jesus name, by His Blood we declare victory over all the works and shemes of the enemy. Help us Lord to walk in all the authority and dominion you have granted us in the earth to make a difference for your Glory. For all power and authority in heaven and earth belongs unto you, in the Name Of Jesus we pray. Amen! So be it!

I covet your prayers, I will be ministering and sharing my testimony in May 11 and 18 in Fordland (Ozark Correctional Center)
In His Love and Grace
Jeff DeBlase

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