Snake Bit

This may not be a popular subject but we do live in a world where people get bit by snakes naturally speaking. And when this happens they need medical help, they need an anti-venom. If they don’t get this help they can die. They say the black mamba has a bite so venomous, that within 2 hrs all vital organs will completely shut down. We all know what happens then.

In our journey on this earth, many times we have made contact with satans lies, deceptions, trickery and these subtle attacks by satan (the serpent) has injected his poison into our hearts (minds, will, emotions). This poison left in us begins to work a destructive plan. Song of Solomon says it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. It is those thoughts straight out of the pit of hell that we don’t cast down, that bring compromise into our lives. Once this process occurs then folks need help or deliverance and ultimately healing from the poison of satan injected into their mind, will and emotions. Satan’s main attack is fear, it is his nature. Fear not only affects our souls but many stress related and dysfunctional illnesses are caused from fear injected or received into the soul. It all starts with a word just like it did in the garden of Eden. Satan always comes to try and alter already revealed truth, Gods word. He even quotes the bible but always uses it out of context. Temptation received always breeds sin then failure and this brings fear then shame just like in the garden. Genesis Chapter 3 read it for yourself (good stuff).

2 Corinthians 2:11 says, we mustn’t be ignorant of satans devices or we are already snake bit through ignorance. So we need to keep the snakes out of our garden. (our hearts, homes, businesses, churches and our realm of authority) Ask the Lord for wisdom concerning this. We need to stop playing church, putting on our religious face and then saying “I am okay and your okay when satan needs to be cast out. The church is at a great time of awakening, that if we don’t start getting the food we don’t like, many are falling away always looking for a smooth and comfortable word. There is no peace without truth; the absence of peace is confusion.

Remember the cartoon Popeye; I use to watch it often as a kid. Popeye knew when he was weak if he could just get some spinach he would become strong to take out Brutes. So is it today. God is restoring the Church but not with all the food that we have already had that has weakened us and got us into the place of lukewarmness & falling away but with the food that we sometimes don’t like but we need to get our power and strength restored to take out the enemy and endure to the end. We need a real hunger for what can help us and is real. Jesus said blessed are those who do hunger and thirst for righteousness (the right kind of spiritual food) not just a junk meal a few times a week that only tastes good but has very little nutritional value. Isaiah 55:2 says don’t spend your time and money on what doesn’t satisfy. We need some stuff that can help us endure, rather than food that just keeps us looking for the easy way out (the rapture). Matt 24:12-14, Jesus said in the end times, And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold but he or she that endures to the end will be saved. There is grace for backsliders, I found that myself. But if I would have practiced then what I know now I wouldn’t of started then stopped, then started and stopped, then started again. Where does it say we are suppose to love satan and the iniquity he causes? We should be bold against sin and our enemy and love the people that are trapped by him and be led by the Holy Spirit to him as many as we can. Selah!

All of the perversions, abuses, drug addictions, poverty, sexual immorality, fear, pride, rebellion, in the world, the church, man made religions is a result of living under the curse or being snake bit and not getting the poison removed from our hearts. Did you know that Jesus has given us such power and authority to cast satan out and to cast down all his words, lies, images, magnifications and deception, that he literally can find nothing in us equal to himself. Jesus said John 14:30 the prince of this world comes but he can find nothing in me. That is an awesome statement. That is where trouble always begins, when demonic forces show up and then finds in us the bait they need to sink the hook. Peter said I will never deny you Lord, but he did because he didn’t know what was in his own heart. And when Jesus tried to help Peter see his own heart he rejected it. Finding out our weaknesses with humility brings grace (the power of God) to help us overcome. Peters pride kept him from yielding to the master and opened the door for Peter to fall. (snake bit) Peter was restored and learned in time to not put his confidence in himself but in the greater one inside (Jesus In Us Our Hope Of Glory).

Proverbs 4:23 Scriptures tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life. We love you and pray for you daily to be all and receive all that Christ died to give us. Keep fighting the good fight of faith for our best is yet to come.

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